For B2B SaaS people, would you want to be able to know when your users/contacts leave their current employer?


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I've got a bit of an idea/theory that was gained from my time working in SaaS companies. In the realm of B2B SaaS, when your champion or regular users leave their current employer, often that means a ripe opportunity goes cold or paying customer lapses. Even if it doesn't, that contact/user could be an easy way into a new company too.

Would a relatively inexpensive service that flagged when these people had changed jobs and where they were employed next be of value? I feel that there is a market out there for this but I am looking for some honest feedback to validate my idea either way.

I wrote a post about it with a bit more detail here.

And a 30 second survey about the idea here - thanks in advance for completing it.
@point1 Another thought Re: putting your own spin on this...

UserGems/Champify focus primarily on high value enterprise accounts, or at least SME where there's a strong expectation that the person handling procurement at company X will still have the same buying power and same product needs at their next company Y.

I wonder if there's a way to re-tool this idea for PLG and self-serve SaaS? Something like a user co-op... "Bombora for PLG SaaS", where complementary companies share anonymized user attributes. Sort of a hedge against FB/Google/G2 who control all that data anyway...

I don't like it. I'm not sure I would want it to exist. Just thinking out loud...
@cjfaith Yeah I am thinking about doing it in a more cost-effective self-serve manner.

I'd also have an option for individuals to opt themselves out too.

Yeah, I am thinking about doing it in a more cost-effective self-serve manner. at exists and even has a category on G2. I've seen a demo for Reveal and it does what you suggest. Rest assured, my idea isn't this.
@draken Yeah it does if you repurpose the lead tracking functionality, though I am not sure how many people do that, plus I feel you have to keep that manually synced too, which would become a time waster.
@iona27 The issue is that you have to have Sales Nav synced with your CRM to do that. It's best for prospecting as that is what it's designed for.
@sparrowfeet Not really, except for perhaps the very tiniest businesses -- termed employee access termination will automatically happen w/ any idp (Okta, OneLogin, etc) or Google Workspace or ADFS or ...
@sparrowfeet That's a great use case too. I hadn't thought of that.

Another use case that it has also is it would be able to notify when a user has a promotion, so your CS team could proactively congratulate them.