How do u track emails that were open or clicked ?


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not referring to email campaigns here, more for on going email exchanges w potential prospects, or even if ur doing some cold emailing - which plugin or software do u use ?

I have been using the Free extension, but it's horrible, has so many bugs and just keeps forcing u to login and fake notifications all day.

Any suggestions ?
@stockholm Don't. Most email systems block "pixels" (tracking images) that enable these types of metrics to be collected. Even if you were to implement this, it would likely be very inaccurate.

Additionally, this may be a violation of GDPR and is considered by many to be an invasion of privacy.

Probably the only thing you can track (without privacy concerns) is the number of requests made to a website/url you own. With that said, in theory, you could generate unique URLs for every email address you send to, and could see if those folks are engaging with you by whether or not they click the [custom] link in the email.

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