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Hey everyone I have this idea of a side project that helps people in brainstorming.

When brainstorming, I always find myself wanting to speak to someone, get validation for my ideas and have them help me with pending questions. Similar to every person out there, I could just connect to ChatGPT/ other conversational LLMs and have them help me in the brainstorming. But the UX is not optimal. I prefer to talk to someone and have that interaction, even if it's a bot, I'm not looking to create a humanlike experience, unless I want to, and that I can configure.

Some basic science facts, people type around 40-60 words per minute --> Equival to 0.66 words per second. Rather we speak 2.3-2.8 words per second --> Nearly 4 times the speed!

That means we have 4x speedup in "efficiency" that we could gain if we were able to do our brainstorming by speaking.

With that motivation, I'm building an app/companion that helps just with that. From a non functional point of view that's the genuine problem I am trying to solve, while increasing the User Experience. I also am looking to incorporate character traits that might affect the response given by the bot, to create the opinionated view (but that's configurable).

What do you think about this, might you use it? Especially if it's easy to interact with?

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