Launched a Typeform alternative and we hit $12k in revenue within 3 weeks of launch

@billyc115 This is very impressive! The social network definitely pays off + the more affordable solution is great strategy.

I just wrapped the alpha version of my productivity app, but I don't have the online presence like . Something I need to build would love for anyone interested to: 1- signup & try the app. it is Free! 2- provide feedback. +/- is all welcome.

Meyso: Your Ultimate Productivity Hub
@ophni Hey I have a voicebot SaaS if you had an api we could do something interesting. I'm looking at building out a personal assistant voicebot and need something like this for it to really work. I have an idea for traction DM me if interested.
@billyc115 Man, this is one of those things that just hits the nail on the head. Saw a product in the market you thought was dumb, made a better version and took away the barrier to entry.

Kudos to you and your team.

This is the kind of opportunity that I’m looking for myself.
@pineapplebabes Tally is great for people who love Notion, because their form builder feels like Notion.

But other people dislike Notion, so they would probably prefer a form builder that does not look and feel like Notion (Youform)

Youform also has a lifetime deal ($399) one-time payment for people that are tired of having subscriptions for everything
@billyc115 Yes I just tried your product and I found it a bit more cumbersome compared to Tally as I am used to that kind of UI. Everyone has their own preferences. Your product looks solid though. Prioritize that Gsheets integration. That's the most useful integration in today's date. All the best.
  • one more difference between Youform and Tally is that Youform provides the one-question-at-a-time like interface for forms which Typeform users love.

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