- Interactive, Embeddable, A/B Tested Pricing Tables for SaaS and Info Products


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Hi guys, just about to launch my 5-th product called In essence it helps businesses to make money and save dev resources by:
  • Design your unique embeddable pricing tables for any web platform in minutes, not weeks.
  • Manage your pricing and coupons in one place. Make you pricing dynamic.
  • Geo localise your pricing. Offer your service in local currencies. Win customers trust.
  • A/B test your pricing and pricing page design.
The product prototype is ready and completely free while in beta.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!
@shesadreamer Hey, congrats on shipping.. I'm really struggling to see the long-term value proposition here.

So you're primarily offering:
  1. Templates (readily available for free)
  2. Coupon handling (pretty simple back end logic)
  3. A/B testing (a novelty, except at the scale I feel would be beyond the use-case)
  4. Localisation (again, pretty simple stuff these days)
Seems like it could be useful for super early stage/MVP. But I find it hard to imagine customers sticking with you long-term and not bringing this stuff in-house.

Prove me wrong! Best of luck :)
@garfield156 Hi mate! Thank for your feedback! I totally agree that any grow stage start up should ideally have all the mentioned features (especially pricing localisation and A/B testing) ideally in-house for growth expansion. It's been told and proved by Price Intelligently extensive researches so no doubts there. The whole project idea has been shaped after I spent around 2 months just polishing the same in-house solution for my another product after idea validation phase but before product-market-fit (pricing table design, location by ip, integration with PayPal, dynamic pricing, dynamic copy, coupons management + GraphQL API) so I started to wonder if there a better, quicker way to get that functionality as a separate, dedicated service. I'll be sharing my journey on Indie Hackers so let's keep in touch!
@shesadreamer Congrats on shipping.

Still, this would be very useful for early stage companies at a product discovery stage. Still possibility of getting a market. The question will be how to maintain retention.

At about 11.26 CET March 29th. (the website appears to have gone down or taken too long to respond to my request).