Starting a pest control company in 9 days


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Hello. In nine days I'm starting a pest control company. I'm under a noncompete from my previous employer that has restricted me from performing pest control in my area for the past 2 years.

I work for a great company now (not pest control), with good pay and I only work 4 days a week. This will allow me to have the weekend and a day during the week to do pest control.

I have to be a little vague with my location now, but when I start I plan on documenting the process of me getting starting. I would also like to give periodical updates in this sub with how it's going.

If you have any advice or questions I would love to hear them.
@adrienbchiggins General pests, including mice and rats. Everything except mosquito and termite. Those are additional licenses. Also not doing wildlife. I'll include those when I go full time, but I may get mosquito sooner.

Prevention and extermination. Most of the business I used to do was monthly and quarterly preventative treatments.

I expect most of my business to be suburban homes and a little commercial to start, with apartments and rural mixed in.
@moshia My pets control guys uses as much natural as possible at my house, but I don't know any names. You could also focus on those types of products as well. Not many do.

Diatomaceous Earth is popular but slower, has it benefits though. Wondercide or Cedarcide is my favorite though.

there's def a market for the all-natural aspect, I'd look into that as much as you can.
@moshia Congrats. I started a pest control company about 5 years ago, feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

I would highly recommend joining the PestCemetery group on Facebook and the PestCemetery Owners Only group - having thousands of other pros to talk to has helped me immensely.
@moshia I don't know the industry but if it were me, I would get some commercial clients - preventative maintenance of food shops/food prep business/take away to cover the bills every month with ongoing contracts, then supplementing it with residential business initially offering to undercut anyone else's quote.

Eventually you will stop price beating but that would give you the foundations to expand in the future.
@moonphantom I have an old customer base that I had good relationships with. I have some friends, family and people in my community that have expressed interest. When I did pest control in the past several of our new accounts came from seeing our work trucks, so I've invested some money in a vinyl wrap for my van. I plan on being active on social media. I'll just go knock on doors and try to develop relationships with local businesses too.