What are some of the hardest design and UX challenges you’ve faced building your startup?


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Hey everyone,

I’m a product designer that has worked with seed-stage startups, to established B2B enterprise products that wants to focus on condensing my 11+ years of experience and expertise into practical design advice, for indie hackers, founders and aspiring founders.

Why? I love helping ideas grow from zero to one, and I'm passionate about pursuing the idea of helping founders create better ideas by improving their user confidence, design and UX skills. Design and user experience is difficult, and I want to make this easier for people starting a new business.

I’d like to learn from the community what these challenges are, so that I can write and provide support on these topics in the forums and into a newsletter which I’m starting. I may decide to change this format, but I'm making a start.

Hopefully we can help each other in this process but I’d love to hear from all of you.

So, what are some of the hardest design and user experience challenges you’ve faced, or are currently facing building your business?

Many thanks!
@juliandude15 Not my own but someone I interviewed (unfortunately didn’t take the offer) once helped design a wayfinding app for blind people navigating public transport systems. Once I wrangled my head around that I thought how challenging and interesting it would be to do the user research and implement something useful for this audience.

I guess fintech would be pretty mind-numbing compared to that so I understand why they didn’t take the offer.
@nbfpuckey You’re not going to believe this, but I know the exact designer you’re referring to, as I’ve been working alongside him for 4 years.

… do you live in London?

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